22 had me feeling happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time, nobody liked me when I was 23, so what does 24 hold in store?
  1. 6:45am - alarm goes off
  2. 7:15am - breakfast with Dad
    a family tradition going back as long as I can remember, hasn't been done for a few years but Dad just texted me about it so that's cool. it's early, but it's cool.
  3. 9am-undetermined
    no real plans the rest of the day, maybe I'll disappear and read my book in peace or do something with my roommates who are around.
  4. Dinnertime
    Dinner with my roommates
  5. 11pm-sleepytimes
    obsessively hit refresh on my open Netflix tab to see if House of Cards Season Four has dropped yet, watch at least two episodes.
  6. I'm a pretty boring dude, I know