1. I've been sitting here all day trying to find the words to describe last night. I would be unable to contain my joy even if I wanted to, because the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.
  2. Game Seven, and indeed the entire post season and World Series, perfectly encapsulated one hundred and eight years of Chicago Cubs history. It was a beautiful expression of what it means to be a Cubs fan, but we finally witnessed a different ending to that very familiar story.
  3. Dexter Fowler's lead off homerun got us jumping out of our seats right away. The most impressive possible start to a baseball game, that leadoff homerun represents every team that was supposed to win it all, every hotshot that floundered over the years, every playoff run that started out hot, every season that was supposed to be “our year”
  4. The elation, the joy, the feeling that “Finally, this is happening” as that ball sailed just over the wall brings back all those memories. Yet we could only dare to hope a little. You see, we have become experts at reigning in hope. Because we’ve been through these moments before.
  5. Innings, games, series, and seasons where everything seemed to be going right, only to be crushed by unfathomable defeat in the end. Cubs fans know better than anybody else that in this game, your fortunes can change in an instant.
  6. As the game settled in, the Indians got a run in to tie it up, but for the most part it was baseball as usual, and Cubs fans did what we do best: wait. There were moments of small frustration and things we could have done better, but for the most part, we waited, we watched, we hoped, like we have for one hundred and eight years.
  7. It could have been just another day at the ballpark. Like the middle of so many seasons, as we simply played smart baseball. Adding on runs, making plays we needed to play, and hitting guys that we weren’t supposed to be able to hit.
  8. This was familiar territory for Cubs fans too. We’ve had “best team in baseball” years before, where predictions and stats backed us up and we settled into a winning routine. But every time before, something happened, the floor dropped out, and Cubs fans were left shocked and mourning.
  9. That tragedy stuck in the fifth inning of game seven as a wild pitch caught David Ross in the head, knocking him back and allowing two runs to score. Flashbacks to 1969, 1977, 1984, 1989, and most importantly 2003 danced before the collective mind of Cubs fans.
  10. It was an incident that felt like that first domino falling. Like that one moment you can point to and say “that’s where everything changed, that’s when we lost this season”
  11. The next domino came when Aroldis Chapman gave up an RBI double, and then a two run homerun in the bottom of the eighth inning. The game was tied. It seemed we were poised to suffer another heartbreak, on the grandest stage of them all.
  12. We’ve been through this before, we’ve blown big leads in big games. And here we were again, entering the ninth inning of a game that should have been over already, tied.
  13. Cubs fans know this feeling all too well. Hope nearly drained, clinging to a small, desperate glimmer of belief that we might somehow be able to turn this around. That we might stifle the momentum of the home team Indians, and still win this thing.
  14. It felt like the Basball God’s were laughing at us, adding insult to injury as a deluge of rain began pouring at the end of the ninth inning. But as they waited in the locker rooms, beleaguered right fielder Jason Hayward herded the team into a players only meeting and spoke to his teammates. Reminding them who they are, and why they are there.
  15. Jason Hayward gave the Cubs what they needed to finally write a different end to our story. We faced a season-ending injury, we had pitchers who slumped, we suffered with a team that couldn’t seem to score a run for half the postseason, but those young men entered the tenth inning reminded of why they were there.
  16. They came in knowing who they are, knowing that they, the best team in baseball were going up to bat in the tenth inning, and that this was their time. That all that mattered was what they did in these next moments. That goats, fans who reach for foul balls, curses, and even blowing the lead two innings ago didn't matter anymore. Only this did.
  17. Cubs fans hope, belief, waiting, wishing, love, devotion, and a century of emotions was on the line. Would we see our beloved boys in blue crushingly drop the most important game in Cubs history? Would we have to watch our opponents celebrate, and walk dejectedly back to the dugout following a walk-off hit or home run?
  18. In the mind of every Cubs fan were the emotions we’ve felt year after year, as team after team has failed to accomplish a World Series appearance. As team after team has seen their potential drop off the face of the earth.
  19. But something had changed. It all came together as a player coming off his own season-ending injury got on base, and then his runner got up to second.
  20. The Indians, playing cautiously, walked the dangerous hitter in Anthony Rizzo, but that only brought up the World Series MVP, who delivered a double that scored the winning run, and for good measure an insurance run came from Miguel Montero.
  21. The hearts of Cubs fan across the world raced, three more outs. We’ve never come this close. Even that final inning saw classic Cubs drama, as one Indian crossed home, and the winning run stepped to the plate. However, the final out was recorded, perfectly, by the two biggest faces of the team, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.
  22. After One Hundred and Eight years, seasons of hopefulness, seasons of misery, seasons of heartbreak, all came to an end with the game of a lifetime. A game that will go down in as one of the biggest sporting events in world history.
  23. It was a game that never should have gotten that close, but it would not be a Cubs story without it, and as I think back on it even now I wouldn’t have had it go any other way.
  24. Because it perfectly captured what it means to be a Cubs fan. It pulled our heartstrings, took our breath away, and finally gave us the celebration we've waited one hundred and eight years for.
  25. Here’s to many more chapters of incredible Cubs baseball, we will never stop loving this team.