Favorite defined as artists I could honestly listen to every day for years, and never grow tired of hearing them. Mostly first names/first word of a band used but sometimes I had to go with the last name to assign a letter.
  1. Allen Stone
    Soulful and passionate with a killer voice. Just barely edged out Alabama Shakes cause of his "Unaware: Live In His Mother's Living Room" video.
  2. The Beatles
    Classic, perfect.
  3. Chance The Rapper
    Just the beginning and he's already so good.
  4. Delta Spirit
    Delta Spirit is so lyrically interesting, wonderful to belt along with, and perfect driving music, plus a huge nostalgic element.
  5. Esme Patterson
    Underrated, magnificent.
  6. Father John Misty
    Thought-provoking and folky.
  7. Greg Laswell
    His voice is so haunting and beautiful.
  8. Glen Hansard
    The vocal runs this man goes on will rip your heart out.
  9. Ingrid Michaelson
    Poppy and lovable
  10. Justin Nozuka
    This man uses his voice as an instrument in a unique and beautiful way.
  11. The Killers
    I love Brandon Flowers voice and they have such an interesting spin on the pop-punk craze of the oughts.
  12. Lenny Kravitz
    He's just so cool.
  13. Manchester Orchestra
    every song and album is perfect.
  14. The National
    Let that baritone voice croon you to soft tears.
  15. Ok Go
    Mostly known for their music videos, music is actually amazing though.
  16. Paolo Nutini
    If you listen to Iron Sky and aren't moved to action (especially in this election year) you probably aren't human.
  17. Queen
    Classic, fun, beautiful.
  18. Damien Rice
    He's such an elegant songwriter and bares his whole soul in every album. @audreypalumbo wrote a wonderful list about him that everyone ought to read.
  19. Simon and Garfunkel
    Heard a lot growing up because they were my Dad's favorite. They harmonize better than anyone in music history.
  20. The Tallest Man on Earth
    He's so fun, and so deep.
  21. Underoath
    The strongest holdout from my metal head days, their music is so deep and meaningful.
  22. Vampire Weekend
    Columbia graduated white kids that somehow make you dance and also think about important issues.
  23. Wilco
    Just great, chill, rock n roll jam music.
  24. X Ambassadors
    The newest band on here, they're just a lot of fun to listen to and already on my regular play cycle.
  25. Yellowcard
    Their original albums were huge during my punk rock phase, and their music has matured so well as I've grown up.
  26. Jay Z
    Jay Z was the first rap/hip hop I remember enjoying. He has such an interesting flow.