A Sunday List. If I'm being honest, my faith isn't really a thing right now, however I've always loved hymns, so even when I'm not sure of my beliefs these songs, with their elegant prose and beautiful melodies, will always stir my soul a little bit.
  1. Be Thou My Vision
    An elegantly written plea for God to be the center of our life, asking to see the world through His eyes. Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra has a simple and beautiful version: https://youtu.be/LnwSfu4uygg
  2. Jesus Paid It All
    The gospel in its simplest, most beautiful form. This is a hymn about the bare bones of the Christian faith and it is so beautiful! The modern rendition by Kristian Stanfill adds a crescendoing hook at the end that is incredibly moving: https://youtu.be/38EVco7eba0
  3. Come Thou Fount Of Ev'ry Blessing
    I love this hymn because it's honest. The final verse speaks of the struggle that often comes with faith. "Prone to wander Lord I feel it, Prone to leave the God I love." A Chicago local band called Mosquito Fleet recorded an incredible version here: https://mosquitofleet.bandcamp.com/track/come-thou-fount-of-evry-blessing
  4. In Christ Alone
    When the music picks up for the final verse, whether a simple piano or a full band, it will give you chills to sing along "Then bursting forth...." it's another song about the simplicity of faith, of what it means to trust God. Owl City has a beautiful version: http://youtu.be/Ipl-rLRxOrs
  5. How Deep The Fathers Love For Us
    The first time I heard this, the line "why should I gain from his reward? I cannot give an answer" caused me to openly weep. Skillet's version is my favorite: https://youtu.be/Z-KrIK0s1AQ
  6. Rock of Ages
    It became a favorite when I read Riven, a book named for a line from here. I absolutely love the melody and it has some of the most beautiful lyrics out there. Thanks for the reminder, @kentperkins! Jason Waller has a beautiful rendition: https://youtu.be/XRH2hBxfFuI