Great request, @veshecco!
  1. The Wreck by Delta Spirit
    A sincere, sad-sounding but actually really beautifully composed letter to his wife. Thanking her for all she is and all she does for him. Such great lines line "I'm the lucky fool that you married" and crescendoing as he repeats at the end "My heart beats for only you" over and over while the kick drum mimics a heartbeat and it's so beautiful.
  2. Holy Shit - Father John Misty
    I love this because I can identify with it so much. Father John Misty is a complete cynic who really doesn't believe in love, yet, he's found it. He sings all these cliches in a list, and you realize that love is one of these cliches, but the in the chorus, he says he's found it. He asks what this cliche has to do with how he feels about his now-wife. He thinks it's all a fucking joke, but can't deny that he feels it.
  3. You're That Way by Jon Troast
    On that line of thinking, I used to say the only way I'd believe in love was if I found what this small, local southern Wisconsin artist describes as love in this song, and if I ever do get married, I'll want this as a part of my wedding in some way. What he describes as love is just, so, so, so damn beautiful.
  4. This Guy's In Love With You by Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass
    Simple, beautiful, builds and builds.
  5. I'm Walking Behind You by Frank Sinatra
    A song of unrequited love, what could be more fitting?
  6. Tara, I'm Terrible by the Rocket Summer
    A song to his wife, who puts up with him telling the whole world about their love, who tours with him constantly. It's so sweet, and tells the story of their love beautifully.
  7. Something by The Beatles
    Frank Sinatra once said this is the best love song ever written, I definitely agree it's up there!
  8. Most Beautiful Song by Scattered Trees
    "i know I have everything to prove, I want to be everyone to you" and "you're the most beautiful song I've ever heard". I knew Nate Eisland when he started dating the girl he wrote this for, and they're beautiful and I love it so much.
  9. Wonderful Unknown by Ingrid Michaelson (Featuring Greg Laswell)
    Sung with her husband, Greg Laswell, this song is not just to each other but also to their kids and it's so god damn beautiful, and only made a little haunting by the fact that they divorced between this album and each of their next one albums.
  10. Dear Bobbie by Yellowcard
    A ballad about the love an older man has for his wife of many decades, as he lays on his deathbed. So so so beautiful and tear-inducing. The chorus goes "It's alright, I'll be fine, cause when I die than I'll die loving you" 😭😭😭😭