Inspired by @marginally_amazing and @BWN_7. No counting odds and ends kind of jobs like a paper route or snow shoveling, also not counting internships.
  1. Lake Geneva Youth Camp
    2006-2014. I started as a dishboy and worked across areas of this Summer Bible Camp and year-round retreat center. I was kitchen staff, a head cook, recreation staff (rock wall, archery, zip line, ropes course, etc) , adventure staff (camping and mountain biking trips), counseling, canteen, winter rec staff, and the best summer job ever as a boat driver! All summer, on a nice speed boat pulling wakeboards and tubes! My Instagram is like 90% Lake Geneva due to my love for this place.
  2. Wicked Brew Coffee & Cafe
    Barista, March-November 2009. Small but gorgeous local shop in my hometown. Started my love for coffee, worked with an amazing family in this small little business. I worked a lot of lunch hours with the son cause I was homeschooled, would come back and close later with the old man and woman who owned this and an ice cream shop two doors down. Lovely job, lovely place, poor location. Belvidere didn't appreciate this gem and it closed down after just a year.
  3. Papa Johns Pizza
    August 2010-January 2011, Pizza maker and delivery driver. This was my first college job, I got it so I could learn how to get all around my new city of Des Moines, IA. But I really didn't enjoy it unless I was driving and when they told me I was only gonna get one driving shift a week I quit.
  4. LoveSac
    January-May, 2011. You guys know those giant beanbag stores in the mall? Yeah I worked there for a semester. The job was 90% chasing out mall-rats/people who wanted to make out in the store and 10% sales.
  5. Starbucks
    Barista, August 2011-February-2012. Shift Supervisor, May 2013-June 2016. Sophomore year of college I took 18 credits, had a full time internship, and started drinking. I needed caffeine and going out money. When I dropped out and moved home it became my "for now" job that lasted three years. I've written many lists about it.
  6. Iowa State Senate
    Legislative Clerk, 2012 Legislative Session. Loved this job. $13.99 an hour and salaried at thirty two hours a week. I worked in the minority party, so our workload was lighter and I often just did homework at the Capitol. I wore a suit every day and got to be in the Senate Chamber for debates. Learned so much and I loved it. Plus the Iowa Capitol is gorgeous and I gave tours to the top of the Dome which rocked. I worked for Senator Bill Dix, now the Senate Minority Leader.
  7. Continued:
    Like seriously look at this. This building is amazing. I loved having twenty-four hour access to this building and being able to bypass security with my ID always felt so cool.
  8. Pat Ward for Iowa
    Campaign Manager, March-November 2012. The job in the Senate lead to a job as the campaign manager for Senator Pat Ward's reelection. Following redistricting, she was placed in an almost entirely new district. Senator Ward was great with the check-writers, not so good with the volunteers. She hired me to run her ground game against a primary opponent who was the pastor of a mega church. It was great experience and we won the primary, however Senator Ward passed away a week before the general.
  9. What will job #8 be?
    Seriously on the job hunt guys. I need somethin bad!