I meant to post this last week my bad but I still haven't watched the new season yet so it works
  1. "I love you, Mom" - Rory duh
    Probably too simple to be real.
  2. "I love you, Rory" - Lorelei obvs
    again, not likely
  3. "I think I'm pregnant" - either of them, to the other and/or Luke.
    Probably would have made more sense if Amy had ended it the way she wanted to a decade ago, but we'll see what they do here.
  4. "I love you, idiot" - Rory to Dean (again)
    Please kill me before I watch it if this is true
  5. "They're the Gilmore Girls" - Miss Patty to some stranger new in town
    Cliche please no.
  6. "Meet me at Luke's" - Lorelei to Rory
    Honestly what I'm pulling for, fade out shot of them drinking coffee together to bring it full circle back to the first episode.