inspired by reading through some of my old lists, my List App History.
  1. How I Found The List App:
    I had seen @bjnovak tweet/Instagram about it. But then in the same week in November or so two of the funniest people I know mentioned it, @ana on twitter and @kinsleyj in person a few day later. So I downloaded it the next day.
  2. The First List I Liked:
  3. The First List I Relisted:
    To my zero followers at the time, by @gilmoreguys: THE MANY ROLES OF KIRK GLEASON
  4. My First List:
  5. First List to Get Attention Outside of The List App:
    Posted to Facebook so coworkers I mentioned would see it, everyone loved it, REASONS I LOVE MY JOB
  6. First Interaction With a Staff Member:
    @minhal commented on this and I was shocked. MY DAY OFF FLOW
  7. My First Featured List:
  8. My First List to Trend:
  9. First List Request:
  10. First List That @bjnovak Liked:
  11. When I Really Felt Like I Was A Part Of
    When this trended/people did this list request/their own versions, AND the next list I wrote also trended: MY MOST USED GIFS
  12. When I Really Felt Like I Was A Part Of Pt. II
    When @michael_circa91 included me on his first draft of his list: LIST APPERS DESCRIBED IN GIFS
  13. When I Really Felt Like I Was A Part Of Pt. III
    When some of my favorite listers followed me back: @andersun, @amieshmamie, @aus10, @brightlyanna, @BWN_7, @culture_czar, @gwcoffey, @HisDudeness, @kcupcaker, @kate81, @LeahG, @LizDawson, @nathanveshecco, @Nicholas, @TQ, and honestly a bunch more.
  14. My Hipster Lists:
    AKA lists I wrote a long time ago and then eventually someone else wrote a similar list that became a title wave: PEOPLE WHO ARE THE SAME AGE AS ME and MY BASEBALL WALK UP SONG
  15. My First List Included on The List App Email:
  16. My Most Popular List To Date:
  17. People who joined because of me:
  18. My Favorite List of Mine:
  19. My First Title Wave:
    Maybe this?