I'm not really hard to find... follow/add me if you want!
  1. Instagram: @ nathanielrepay
    I'm actually pretty proud of my iPhone photography/editing skill. Stuff like this: IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS
  2. Snapchat @ nathaniel.repay
    I don't really post to my story, honestly usually just awful double-chinned selfies and embarrassing pictures/video of my roommates.
  3. Twitter: @ NathanielRepay
    To be honest I haven't been using Twitter as much since I joined Li.st but sometimes I'm funny. I've connected with a few friends from here on Twitter! It's also how I discovered list thanks to BJ and @ana
  4. Wordpress: nathanielrepay.wordpress
    Someday I'll actually start blogging regularly...
  5. Just adding this point in case anybody is interested now that List is dead.