1. Stick with a username.
    Look, make yourself easy to connect with! If you aren't comfortable doing the simple firstnamelastname that's fine but stick with a common username across Instagram/Twitter/List/Snapchat and more. This is your brand, make it easy to find.
  2. Pick a photo editing app
    Helps create an artistic feel and more importantly an aesthetic for your Instagram feed. If you use different apps all the time your page looks like a mess. Find one app ya love and delete the others.
  3. Find the Snapchat filter for you
    What's flattering for your friends might not be for you! is your best filter that changes the tone, or a fun one? Are you constantly a puppy or hippie? figure 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 shit 👏🏽 out 👏🏽
  4. Get a password app.
    Even with the same username you're gonna have a thousand different logins for sites, all of which have different password requirements. Get an app to remind you which variation of the password you have to use on this or that site.
  5. Learn how to open an app and fire off a tweet or text under the table.
    Ya gotta get good at this, when racist family members say something that needs to be tweeted about or Mom makes another comment about your loneliness you gotta fire that tweet off without them noticing!
  6. Sarcasm is your best friend
    Baby Boomers asking what you're gonna do with life. Parents asking when you're gonna get married. Sarcasm is your only defense. And these people aren't on Twitter so ya gots to learn how to tweet hilariously about this.
  7. Binge the right things.
    Binging is an age old coping mechanism for the crippling loneliness/failure we feel. But be smart about it: Netflix > alcohol
  8. Learn how to incorporate Pop Culture references into your life.
    Look if you aren't throwing television and movie references into your conversations on the reg you're doing life wrong. You may need to watch shows four or five times completely through to really become a pro at this.
  9. Be 👏🏽 politically 👏🏽 active 👏🏽
    The Baby Boomers fucked this country up, know how to talk about this and how to combat your great Aunt Phyllis's Thanksgiving comments about how 'the gays are ruinin this country and global warming is made up!' plus when everyone is posting about something you don't wanna be left out, have a voice.