Ranking these guys was actually so difficult.
  1. Rusty Ryan
    He's eating in pretty much every scene and its hilarious. Ties the whole team together, really.
  2. Danny Ocean
    The leader and mastermind of the plot, played by the incomparable George Clooney. Even when you think he's messing up, it's all just part of the plan.
  3. Basher Tarr
    The munitions expert with a cockney accent and prior experience working with Rusty and Danny is probably the smartest, albeit most dramatic, member of the team.
  4. Reuben Tishkoff
    "Where the hell are they? Tats what I wanna know!" Reuben is the financier
  5. Linus Caldwell
    They shy and unsure of himself pick-pocket, trying to live up to the family name.
  6. Livingston Dell
    He's so awkward and it's hilarious. His scene where he has to implant that thing in the casino is so cringeworthy and wonderful.
  7. The Amazing Yen
    His interactions with Rusty and Danny are hilarious.
  8. Virgil Malloy
    The brain of the Mormon twins, their constant bickering is hilarious
  9. Turk Malloy
    The brawn of the bickering Mormon twins. He's a bit of a jerk but still outrageously funny.
  10. Saul Bloom
    I love when he gets sassy with Danny Ocean. The classic retired but called back in character.
  11. Frank Catton
    Key inside man, and the lynchpin in getting the safe codes.