Doing a lot of looking back as we approach Friday. Regardless your political views, I don't think we'll ever have a President as cool or just as human seeming as Obama again. Plus, his photographer has done an amazing job catching the moments, big and small, of his Presidency.
  1. The Bin Laden Raid
    It's so intense, and will go down as one of the most iconic presidential photos ever, I think.
  2. When this little dude wondered if Obama's hair felt like his.
  3. When Prince George couldn't be bothered to change out of his pajamas to meet The United States President.
    Bold, power move Little George. power. move.
  4. Anytime Obama was around kids, really.
  5. Like when he couldn't stop laughing at this little Pope mobile.
  6. I mean, look!
  7. Just, adorable
  8. He and Michelle are just perfect
  9. And of course, Joe Biden and his love affair with ice cream.
  10. I could probably make this a 99 point list on my own, but what are some of your favorites? What will you miss about this administration and first family?
  11. Seriously sitting on the desk
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  13. I want to know what Biden legitimately just said!
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  16. They're cooler than all of us
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  17. Obama & Seinfeld
    Made me love our Prez even more! If you haven't seen this, the full episode is on Crackle. Here's a short clip. https://youtu.be/lVMN_iO62Dc
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  18. As for Biden, it's a gif not a picture.
    But you just can't beat this moment.
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  19. Also. Every Obama with Kids photo is pure magic!
    I love them all, but here's one of my faves. 💙
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  20. His photographer posted about his favorite day photographing President Obama the other day and the pics were amazing.
    Here's my favorite. 😍
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