I've always been an appreciator of albums over individual songs, I love when an artist creates a true experience through an album, instead of a collection of singles. This is a small sample of albums that I consider to be absolutely perfect.
  1. Getz/Gilberto - Stan Getz
    This collaboration album between Stan Getz, the father of Bossa Nova Jazz, and João Gilberto is pure beauty. In this album, I hear whatever it is I am feeling. If I listen to it while sad it can be full of morose songs of heartbreak and passion, or it can act as a dancing album, or an album of exuberant joy.
  2. Trouble Will Find Me - The National
    It was hard to choose just one album by the National for this list. But Trouble Will Find me wins the day, it's the perfect album to put on, sit on the floor, and soak in. It's heartbreaking and uplifting all once. And Matt's deep baritone is so soothing.
  3. My Favourite Faded Fantasty - Damien Rice
    Heartbreak lives in this album, from the haunting opening seconds until the final stanza rests. Have tissues handy, and no plans for the rest of your day after listening to this.
  4. I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child - Manchester Orchestra
    honestly every Manchester Album is near perfect, but I love the rawness of their first project
  5. Abbey Road - The Beatles
    Obviously. I love the way this album progresses, and the contrast between Side A and B. It has such a range, from the innocent sounding (though lyrically dark) Octopus's Garden, to the whimsy of Here Comes the Sun, to the guttural rock 'n roll of I Want You, to the irresistible beat of Come Together, and finally the sweet ballad of Golden Slumbers.
  6. Ode To Sunshine - Delta Spirit
    This album is so fun. Every song is a sing-along, be it a sad ballad or drunk anthem. It's a flawless debut effort from a band that continues to produce perfection. Have you ever wished people were still making music like The Beatles did? This album is that. I have no idea why this band isn't more popular than they are.
  7. Holly - Justin Nozuka
    Justin Nozuka has the most incredible voice you may ever hear. this album demonstrates his range as an artist in every way, vocally, lyrically, musically, and emotionally. Some parts will make you dance, others will make you think, and "Save Him" will make you cry.
  8. All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost - Mosquito Fleet
    This is a little-known band from Chicago/Indiana, but they put out an album that I listened to on repeat for an entire year. If you grew up in church, chances are you hit a point sometime in life of deep questioning, when that happens listen to this album. It's also musically fantastic, even through the not-so-great recording. They utilize choirs and organs in a masterful way, weaved through their soft Americana rock.
  9. Carry The Ghost - Noah Gundersen
    This album wrestles with what God means, what love means, and what it means to be a man. He croons softly, sounding sometimes like it’s just him and the microphone in a room, he shows us his soul, his deepest thoughts, fears, regrets, and hurts. lyrics like this drive Carry the Ghost: "I think I heard a good man say, God is love and love has made us. But have you seen the news today? I have, and I think God has gone away, if he was ever there anyway”
  10. Sympathy - Scattered Trees
    another small local group, Scattered Trees wasn't together long before moving on to become On An On, but this album, for the haunting opening moments to its emotional conclusion is the very definition of perfect. Nate Eisland has such a way with words, crooning softly, with a scratchy voice on whispering music. Dealing with his fathers death, loss of faith, falling in love, and so much more. This is a dark room, singing quietly along type of album.
  11. And The War Came - Shakey Graves
    Shakey Graves is a one-man show, writing, recording, and performing every sound you hear on this album. It's just fun to listen to, folk Americana at its finest right here. He's still new and each album he's put out has been so good. This album is perfect.