I love albums, when an artist creates a work that's more than just a collection of singles but a cohesive and raw work of art. These are some albums I consider to be absolutely perfect. In no particular order. See Pt. I here: PERFECT ALBUMS, BEGINNING TO END, PT. I
  1. Boxer - The National
    The opening notes of Boxer draw you in so well and it just keeps getting better and better. The perfect album to sit down on the floor, close your eyes, and just listen.
  2. Some Nights - Fun.
    This is one of those albums where the lyrical content is so good. The short intro sets the stage for an entire album about the thoughts that keep us awake at night and that's present in every single song.
  3. I Love You, Honeybear - Father John Misty
    Father John Misty is such an interesting character, Josh Tillman uses this album to explore love from this incredible standpoints of a cynic who never believed in love, but somehow found himself fallen into it.
  4. The White Album - The Beatles
    From Dear Prudence to Helter Skelter. The White Album shows the skill and range of The Beatles better than any other single album of theirs.
  5. Rhythm and Repose - Glen Hansard
    Heartbreaking. This album is so raw and so honest. The entire thing is perfect (hence its inclusion on this list) but it hits stride with High Hopes into Bird of Sorrow into The Storm, It's Coming. Another album to sit and listen to.
  6. Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper
    Hip-Hop and Rap is a new genre for me. I got into it over the last year with my roommates. Chance's latest effort is a true masterpiece. Pulling from a lot jazz and gospel, it is artistic and thoughtful. As well as being just so fun to listen to.
  7. Woman to Woman - Esme Patterson
    Woman to Woman is an album wherein Esme Patterson writes songs from the perspective of the ladies in famous songs, responding to the songs about them. Eleanor Rigby, Billie Jean, and others. It's beautiful and thought-provoking and perfect.
  8. Dark Bird is Home - The Tallest Man On Earth
    The Tallest Man On Earth grew up before this record, it would seem. From whimsy and fun to a very serious look at life and love following his divorce.
  9. Define The Great Line - Underoath
    The Album Artwork for this record is so well done, because it's exactly what the record evokes. A sense of being alone on a long journey. Fighting through obstacles and figuring out what life means.
  10. Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
    Brittany Howard and Alabama Shakes rock so hard. Their sophomore album is experimental and interesting, but it still has the grit and energy that made them explode.
  11. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
    Kendrick Lamar and this album deserve all the praise that's been heaped upon them. From fun jams to very thoughtful and important thoughts. Kendrick is a true genius.