I need another cat.
  1. Samson
    Samson is a German Shepherd my sister got maybe eight years ago and then she moved out leaving us to deal with him. I'm not a dog person to begin with and he's just awful. He's really quite dumb, barks at everything, and is really racist. Like I've brought black friends over and he freaks out on them. He also destroyed my brand new laptop by jumping on the table and knocking a cup of coffee onto it.
  2. Wrigley
    Wrigley, the other half of this photo, is an adorable black Puggle we bought for my Dad. He's a great dog I'm just more of a cat person, plus he was corrupted by Samson and isn't so cool anymore. He's usually pretty chill though, still small enough and not too hyper so he can sit on your lap. He is a fiend when it comes to stealing food though.
  3. Felony and Misdemeanor
    We rescued some kittens born in or neighborhood and kept two of them for about a year. My Dad named them Misdemeanor and Felony cause they were little rascals and troublemakers but they stayed so small and so energetic!
  4. Twilight
    My parents told us she ran away while we were on vacation. I'm sure this isn't true cause she was old and probably got put down. One time she brought a big garter snake into the house though and that freaked me out.
  5. Boots
    After a couple of years not having cats, we picked up these siblings Boots and Misty when they were kittens and they rocked. Boots was awesome and super friendly and he used to follow me all around town on my paper route.
  6. Misty
    Misty was the sweetest cat and always slept in mine and my brothers room. She was just a little fatter and a little more cuddly than Boots.
  7. Joey
    Technically belonged to my roommate's girlfriend but she couldn't keep him in her sorority house so he lived with us for a year and he was the coolest cat. He was always down to play but also would be completely chill and sit on your lap while watching a movie. Plus he did that thing where he'd lay on your laptop if you tried to do homework at home.