Inspired by @BWN_7 and @jpool99. I grew up begging my Mom to sign me up for little league, but alas, I never played the great sport of baseball, so I'm left to imagine a career in the majors, and where I would have liked to play.
  1. 3rd Baseman
    Besides snagging some balls that otherwise may have gone into the outfield, 3rd base doesn't seem to get much action!
  2. Right Field
    Ability for some awesome defensive plays, but just not that exciting all the time.
  3. Left Field
    I guess it would depend on the ball-park, I put left over right though cause that's where my dad played on or church softball team
  4. 2nd Baseman
    double play action would be so cool, so would tagging guys out when they try to steal or reach for a double.
  5. Designated Hitter
    Clearly to be a DH you'd have to be a great hitter, which would be so fun but I think I'd get bored not being in the action.
  6. Relief Pitcher
    Picturing being called out, whether in the fifth inning or just to power through the ninth, is awesome. Warming up and then getting the call to jog out onto the field. I would especially love being a closer, appearing in a lot of games and shutting ten opposing offense down to save a game or give your guys a chance. so cool.
  7. 1st Baseman
    Right in the action for so much of the ballgame, a steady hand at first base can make or break a game.
  8. Center Field
    You have the first call at any ball you can get to, and I think robbing a home run would be an incredible feeling.
  9. Catcher
    Calling pitches and leading the defensive effort. I feel like you also would naturally have a knack for reading opposing pitchers, making for awesome plate appearances as well.
  10. Starting Pitcher
    Could there be anything more satisfying than hearing that punch of the ball finding its home in the catchers mitt, followed by a strike three call? If you do your job well, everyone else can have a relatively easy game. Shutting a hitter down would be my favorite part of the game.
  11. Shortstop
    The linchpin of the infield, You get to be a key part of so many awesome defensive plays. A great play by a shortstop can turn around an inning/game.