Only eleven Commanders-in-Chief have worn facial hair during they're tenure, the most recent in the very early 1900's. With facial hair being back in style, will we see another bearded president after Hillary? If not, look out for me in 2028 😉
  1. 11.
    Martin Van Buren
    First off, just embrace the baldness and shave it all off. Then keep going and get rid of those ridiculous protruding sideburns.
  2. 10.
    John Quincy Adams
    The first President to try out any facial hair, so that's cool. But they look kind of like pincers.... it's unnerving.
  3. 9.
    Chester A. Arthur
    Sideburns into mustache, why was this ever a style??
  4. 8.
    Abraham Lincoln
    The first President to sport a full beard. Facial hair served to round out Honest Abe's hollow face very well. Probably should committed fully and grown the mustache.
  5. 7.
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Bushy mustache, looks great when he's laughing and intimidating when he isn't.
  6. 6.
    Grover Cleveland
    I'm not personally a just-mustache guy but he keeps it clean cut.
  7. 5.
    William Howard Taft
    I don't like this style but it's such an impressive handlebar mustache it has to be ranked high.
  8. 4.
    James A. Garfield
    The length is impressive but it seems tangly and messy.
  9. 3.
    Rutherford B. Hayes
    He ought to have trimmed back a little and he would have looked more distinguished. But it's clean, even, and long.
  10. 2.
    Benjamin Harrison
    White and neat, to me this embodies a "Grandpa" beard.
  11. 1.
    Ulysses S. Grant
    So lush, a full beard but he kept it reigned in and clean. Ultimate facial hair goals.