oh hey, @ana
  1. Mutual annoyance levels
  2. South Americans need to stick together
    She's Brazilian, I'm Peruvian!
  3. Spend our days off the same way
  4. Cubs Game Date Nights
    'nuff said
  5. We have similar wild manes of curly hair
  6. I've been looking for more excuses to visit Chicago
    She can show me around the city/we can explore new parts together
  7. She's a teacher, I'm a barista
    have you ever met a teacher that wasn't fueled by coffee?? Me neither. Hey discounts hey.
  8. Speaking of coffee, we like the same drinks
    ever wanna surprise your person with a cup of coffee on a bad day but don't know what to get them?? Never a problem cause she likes good drinks and so do I. Iced coffee forever.
  9. She's the funniest person alive, and I've been told I have a great laugh
    all about those complementary qualities
  10. A list app love story, who doesn't love that?