Baseball especially (Go Cubs Go!) but there are literally hundreds of uses for Sports teams on @list
  1. Line-Up
    Batting Orders, Offensive/Defensive Line, Starting players, eligible players, etc. Add each player's stats in the description
  2. Injury Reports
    list who's out and why, simple.
  3. Statistics
    Team Stats, Player Stats, Season Stats, SO MANY STATISTICS. Especially in an advanced metrics sport like baseball.
  4. "This Day In History"
    There is so much rich and interesting little tidbits of sports history every single day, post about what went on this day in baseball/football/whatever history.
  5. Best Moments
    in team history, per season, per player, per game. SO MANY OPTIONS
  6. Fan-Generated Content
    list suggestions and crowd lists are a great way to get fans involved with a team's social media. "Best Game Moments" or "Best Fan Pictures From Today's Game"
  7. Lists of plays/pitches
    how many times did they run the ball?? Which pitches were thrown most?? Lists so easily break down the data in a way that all fans can appreciate and understand
  8. Predictions
    From fans or experts
  9. Trade-Candidates
    Who's on the trade block? What positions are we looking for?
  10. Scouting
    Top prospects, what does the team need? Who do the fans like?
  11. and so many more! Someone get me in touch with the Chicago Cubs and get me a job writing lists for them.
    @bjnovak do you know anyone??