Super thanks to @DawnCloud for setting this up and Jen for the awesome gift!
  1. So, first thing, it's crazy windy out right now.
    It's a good thing I got here when I did because the package was a solid ten feet from my door and probably moving fast.
  2. Looked and saw the name on the package, immediately excited!
    @supercommonname is one of the listers I interact with the most so I immediately knew it would be a great gift even with my super unhelpful list about what to get me!
  3. Turned it over to read "Fragile" as heard glass crinkling inside.... 😑
    Damn post office.
  4. Presents!
  5. A card!
  6. Read it first, of course! Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jen!
  7. A Mix CD based on my "Christian Pop Culture" list!
  8. The Office school supplies!
  9. Chocolate!
  10. And a wonderful framed homemade World Series painting!
    The glass was broken, but it still looks fantastic! Sorry we broke your even-year magic, but always love competing against your team! It's got the names of current players and team legends in the background!
  11. Yayyayayaya thank you so much Jen!
  12. My face all night!
  13. P.S. sending my gift tomorrow!
  14. And Jen I can't find the misspell....
    Oh wait I found it! Not a huge deal, it's so wonderful I didn't even notice till I remembered that list!