actual interactions I've had:
  1. "Can I get a no-foam cappuccino?"
    (happens more regularly than you'd think)
  2. "What does the S'mores Frappuccino taste like??"
    "Oh I'd be happy to tell you! It's like if you took a marshmallow and lit it on fire, then took some graham crackers and chocolate and made that into a sort of sandwich around the toasted marshmallow" "Oh.... so it taste like a s'more?"
  3. "I just want black coffee but I don't like the taste of coffee"
    "I.... I can't help you ma'am"
  4. "Do you brew your tea with water?"
    As opposed to....?
  5. "Can I get a hot cold-brewed iced coffee?"
    I asked for clarification and he just said the same thing again.