1. I understand people are afraid, hurt, confused, and sorrowful following the election.
  2. I do not seek to invalidate those feeling, or the fear that many people face.
  3. But there is a reality that needs to be faced:
  4. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States
  5. It is time to stop coming up with these pipe dreams of somehow preventing this.
  6. Our democracy has spoken.
  7. These are the results.
  8. Two things that are not going to happen:
    These are circulating all over social media with little to no research involved, prompting thousands of petition signatures and shares. If you took high school civics you learned about all this, and ought to know better.
  9. You will not sway the Electoral College by signing a petition encouraging "Faithless Electors"
    Each state has two slates of electors, chosen in advance by each State Party. You become an elector by essentially being a "Super Volunteer". When a candidate wins a state, it's their slate of electors that go to the Electoral College meetings. Meaning the Electors voting for Trump are among his most diehard supporters. They spent hours campaigning for him and were honored with being selected as an elector, what makes anyone think they'll change their mind now??
  10. Trump will not be impeached or impeded from taking office.
    The lawsuits against him, including the rape case, are civil. He faces no criminal charges. This doesn't prevent impeachment, but it does make it harder. There is much legal debate about impeachable offenses so it could go to the Supreme Court to see if he's impeachable, but it would be after he tilts the court to the right. and look, even if Justice Roberts rules with the Liberals on the bench and they rule that Congress CAN impeach Trump, think about who controls congress...
  11. Like it or not, Trump IS your president now. Hash-tagging or protesting to say he isn't only serves to intensify the the division that got us here.
  12. If Trump terrifies you, your energy ought to be focused on rebuilding.
  13. If we had listened to our fellow citizens, maybe we would have had a better understanding of Trump's strength.
  14. Maybe we would have known to work harder in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Where people are hurting and fearful for their future.
  15. We need to get out of our bubbles and dialogue with our fellow Americans to learn why they voted for Trump.
    Maybe we can learn where we went wrong, and build Parties that works for those people and and includes their narratives, rather than silencing them.
  16. Don't unfriend them, instead get coffee with your buddy or family member that voted for Trump.
    Learn why they mistrust Washington, learn why they're afraid and hurting.
  17. Then start organizing.
    Organize and run for office with the same vigor with which we supported Hillary, with the same passion that Bernie inspired, or the same strength that many other Republican candidates had. That's how we unite.
  18. We need to begin the process of moving forward as Americans.
  19. Just like Hillary asked us to.
  20. Just like Barack asked us to.