I'm not an emotionally well-adjusted man but I get very deeply attached to fictional characters and also music. These are songs I listen to when I just need a good cry.
  1. I Swear To God - Scattered Trees
    the death of his father/the subsequent questioning of his faith induces all the feels.
  2. High Hope/Bird of Sorrow - Glen Hansard
    they have to be listened to together and you will bawl your eyes out when his beautiful voice reaches the highest levels of passion.
  3. Save Him - Justin Nozuka
    a story about the cycle of abuse and one mother's prayer for her son not to live in that. Justin has a beautiful voice and is such a storyteller through this song.
  4. Holy Shit - Father John Misty
    for that existential crises sort of cry
  5. Colly Strings - Manchester Orchestra
    "Well don't stop calling, you're the reason I love losing sleep!"
  6. Elephant - Damien Rice
    songs about a lost love are a dime a dozen but nobody does it better than Damien
  7. Sometimes I Just Go For It - The Used
    I read once that this song was recorded the day lead singer Bert McCracken found out his pregnant fiancé had killed herself. It's just piano, a man pouring out his sorrow into the keys and it is haunting.
  8. Ten - Yellowcard
    a song written for and to the son that he and his young girlfriend would've had, but they instead got an abortion. The line "Don't you think we would've been best friends?" is an instant tear-jerker. A strong acoustic and violin driven melody backs up the already heart wrenching song.
  9. Hard To Find - The National
    It's the final song on an album that I truly love. The National is a band whose lyrics I've always identified with and this album is a perfect example of that. This song, especially in the last few months, has just held so much meaning for me.
  10. Wait - M83
    it's so musically emotional, and builds to a crashing chorus of cries and drums.
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
    One of my Dad's favorite growing up and so was a staple for us as well. Forever one of my top five all time favorite songs. Nobody harmonizes like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel did. This is a nostalgic cry, but it's also a really beautiful emotional song.
  12. Àra Bátur - Sigur Ros
    This song is in Icelandic and I have no idea what it means beyond the title "Years of Boating" but it has the best musical build and crescendo I've ever heard and when that hits I literally cannot keep my eyes dry no matter what.
  13. Now We Are Free - Hanz Zimmer
    The final song from the score of my favorite movie, The Gladiator. In his death they were freed, and they'll see each other again. But not yet.... not yet.
  14. I Remember Her - Ingrid Michaelson
    An ode to her mother following her passing that is just devastatingly beautiful