1. Bratty Kids
    So. Fucking. Many. Screaming. Bratty. Children.
  2. The Impatient and Always Screaming Bitch (Recurring)
    Literally every time she came through the drive thru she was on her phone SCREAMING at someone. Plus she never made eye contact and would literally snap at us to move faster.
  3. The Phone Call
    "Starbucks on State & Bell this is Nate" "Nate do you know that you're working for a company that openly supports sodomy, which is against God's law?" "Sir I'm not the person to talk to about that, the number for our media relations in Seattle is ____" and I hung up. He calls back, asks to speak to me and screams "WELL WHY DON'T YOU POUR HOT COFFEE UP YOUR ASS THE WAY A SODOMITE TAKES A DICK UP THEIR ASS THAT WAY YOU GET USED TO THE BURNING YOU'LL SOON EXPERIENCE IN HELL"