1. 10.
    She's literally insane and I don't even know what she and Ted had in common. He just likes her cause she was WAY into him.
  2. 9.
    Naomi (The Slutty Pumpkin)
    Clearly her and Ted had zero chemistry, I also dislike Katie Holmes and hated her character. All around bad, nostalgia isn't everything, Ted!
  3. 8.
    really sweet! Reallllllly annoying.
  4. 7.
    Ted's college girlfriend. Hate this character, don't even like this actress. She's a pretentious snobby cheater.
  5. 6.
    I love the character of Robin, but I never liked her for Ted and I hate that they pushed them back together at the end. He was clearly way more into her than she was into him their entire relationship. and then she never realized how hard it was for him to have to still see her every day and eventually live with her! Everyone got upset when Barney did that to her but she spent six seasons doing that to Ted.
  6. 5.
    They were okay together the first time around! But again, Ted was stuck on some stupid over-romanticized idea of someone else and cheated on her. But who on earth were they kidding getting back together two seconds after she calls off her wedding like seven years after they ended the first time? She wasn't bad, they just didn't seem great together either.
  7. 4.
    Honestly she seemed pretty awesome up until the point she beat Ted up. Ted was a jerk to her though so be deserved it. He romanticized too much of his life and didn't see the catch in front of him.
  8. 3.
    I think most people would put her lower on the list, but honestly her and Ted were pretty great for each other if you think about it. Had they met under different circumstances they may have worked out really well, but their relationship was founded on a super divisive issue that neither was really going to get over. Plus she was married. But they're both interested in the finer things, have great chemistry and look cute together!
  9. 2.
    Once again, I think they were really perfect for each other besides that one glaring issue, she's still in love with her ex. Ted would've made a great stepdad to Lucy and he was willing to do ANYTHING for Stella. To wait till she had time, to see her only for super adorable and romantic 30-second dates, to marry her on three days notice, and to move to New Jersey! I loved her character, and I loved them together. Their failed wedding was a completely heartbreaking episode.
  10. 1.
    Tracy (The Mother)
    She checked off every box on Ted's list, and was a great character to watch. The only good thing about season nine was the way they integrated her into the group through flashbacks and flash-forwards, without ruining the "how they met" moment. They were perfect together and her death was a truly poetic end to the show, (but then they kept going.... why?) P.S. I called that her name was Tracy ALL the way back in season one and I was right so that was fun to watch.