Inspired by a clickbait listicle that got them all wrong.
  1. Alabama: Hart of Dixie
    A hotshot doctor from the city inherits her fathers small town practice. I liked the first season a lot. It was a little bit trope-y but entertaining nonetheless!
  2. Alaska: Sarah Palin's Alaska
    The life of Governor Sarah Palin. Still not convinced this isn't satire.
  3. Arizona:
    I can't think of any shows set in Arizona....
  4. Arkansas: The Simple Life
    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on a farm. How have we not revived this with Kardashian's yet?
  5. California: Arrested Development
    Follows the shenanigans of the wealthy Bluth Family of Newport Beach, California. Unbeatable humor. Close runners up: Parenthood and Modern Family.
  6. Colorado: Community
    Follows a ragtag group of students at Greendale Community College in Colorado, some of the best writing in television history, in my opinion!
  7. Connecticut: Gilmore Girls
    Small town charm and eventually Yale, I literally can't separate this state and this show and if I ever visit and it's not just like Stars Hollow I'll be very sad.
  8. Delaware:
  9. Florida: Dexter
    Creepy AF cop that also a murderer in Miami.
  10. Georgia: Atlanta
    Guys this show is brand new but it's so good and you all need to be watching it. Donald Glover is so good.
  11. Hawaii: Lilo & Stitch
    The television series following the movie was actually pretty entertaining as a kid!
  12. Idaho
  13. Illinois: The League
    I'd watched a few episodes and didn't get it, now I play fantasy football so it's much more entertaining to follow their league.
  14. Indiana: Parks and Recreation
    The inner workings of small town, Midwestern, local government. The characters are sometimes a bit extreme but always so lovable.
  15. Iowa:
    Sadly, because Iowa is wonderful! Captain Kirk is from Iowa but Star Trek isn't set there of course.
  16. Kansas: The United States of Tara
    At first I hated this show about a suburban Mom with multiple personality disorder, but it grew on me as I begrudgingly watched with college roommates.
  17. Kentucky:
    Sorry Kentucky. Maybe a show about Daniel Boone someday?
  18. Louisiana: True Detective
    I like the drawn out, season long crime solver, rather than a day to day procedural. Season one follows Louisiana homicide detectives hunt for a serial killer over almost twenty years.
  19. Maine: Once Upon A Time
    I need to actually start this show from the beginning. I've watched a bunch of episodes here and there and it's so intriguing! As I understand, it follows a group of people in Maine that also jump into parallel lives in fairy tales.
  20. Maryland: NCIS
    The Police Procedural I did watch for awhile, it follows the agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and it's got some really great characters.
  21. Massachusetts: American Horror Story: Asylum
    Briarcliff Manor is such an awesome setting for this show.
  22. Michigan:
  23. Minnesota: Hannibal
    Sets the story of Silence kid the Lambs character Hannibal Lecter in Minnesota, I love this character and it's so well acted.
  24. Mississippi: True Blood
    "How many freakn vampires am I supposed to care about these days?"
  25. Missouri: Johnny Bravo
    Looking back this show is highly problematic but I loved it growing up.
  26. Montana:
  27. Nebraska:
  28. Nevada:
    How is there not a sitcom about Vegas casino workers or something...?
  29. New Hampshire:
  30. New Jersey: Bobs Burgers
    Following the woebegone restauranteur and his family on the Jersey Shore.
  31. New Mexico: Breaking Bad
    It's a chemistry teacher turned meth producer, BITCH.
  32. New York: 30 Rock
    A sitcom about the production of an "SNL" type show. It's perfect. It's wonderful.
  33. North Carolina: American Horror Story - Roanoke
    Haven't watched it yet, but I'm assuming.
  34. North Dakota: Fargo
    Follows the murder of the a member of the Gehrhardt Crime Family that runs the city of Fargo.
  35. Ohio: 3rd Rock from the Sun
    Aliens trying to live as humans in suburban Ohio? Can't beat that.
  36. Oklahoma:
  37. Oregon: Portlandia
    A sketch comedy show about life in the hipster paradise that is Portland.
  38. Pennsylvania: The Office
    The paramount of American television, a mockumentary following the daily lives of Office staff in Scranton, PA
  39. Rhode Island: Family Guy
    Satire of American life and culture from an animated family with a talking dog. Seth Macfarlane, everybody.
  40. South Carolina:
  41. South Dakota:
  42. Tennessee:
  43. Texas: Friday Night Lights
    I've only watched season one I know I know I'm a terrible person.
  44. Utah:
    I haven't watched any of the shows about Mormons okay sorry.
  45. Vermont:
  46. Virginia: The 100
    I'm only a few episodes in but it rocks. It follows 100 juveniles who are sent back to earth 97 years after an apocalyptic event to determine if earth is habitable.
  47. Washington: Twin Peaks
    Showing that a small town is not all that it seems.
  48. Washington D.C.: House of Cards
    Minority Leader Frank Underwood and his wife Claire's schemes to get ahead.
  49. West Virginia:
  50. Wisconsin: Battleground
    There have been some awesome shows set in Wisconsin but this one season Mockumentary "Battleground" follows a Senate campaign in Wisconsin and I seriously love it so much. It was Hulu's first Original show and it rocks.
  51. Wyoming: