1. My dad's humor is super subtle
  2. And very very intelligent
    dude was a double major, double minor. Has a law degree, taught American Politics at the college level and is just all around one of the smartest people I know
  3. He's got his classic dad humor
    so many puns.
  4. But the day I realized he was hilarious was the culmination of like a eight year joke.
  5. When I was probably like six or seven my siblings and I rescued these four baby kittens
    I think their mom died giving birth or something? I don't remember, my sister did most of the work
  6. We gave two away right away and kept two
    We already had one cat, and my dad has always been a dog person so I imagine he wasn't thrilled to come home to new pets.
  7. Somehow we decided to let Dad name the cats
    maybe it was to try and get him on board with new cats?
  8. So he named the two we kept "Felony" and "Misdemeanor"
    in hindsight, they were pretty mischievous little tikes
  9. and none of us knew what that meant and he was probably just chuckling to himself all day cause we thought they were cute names
  10. so like years later I was watching a procedural crime show and heard those terms
    and I was like "wwhhhhaaaaaat"
  11. So I pulled out the dictionary* and looked them up
  12. and I asked my Dad about it when he got home that night and he laughed harder than I'd ever seen him laugh at that point
    he's generally a very serious man.
  13. Dad trolled us.
  14. and it took me eight years to catch on.