1. Guys. We need to talk about Donald Glover.
  2. This man is an American treasure.
  3. His music and other media are what we need right now. Check out this dude:
  4. While he was in college, he was a writer and occasional guest star on 30 Rock, which was nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy SEVEN times, winning three.
    In freaking undergrad, he was writing Emmy winning content.
  5. In 2009, he won the Writers Guild of America's award for Best Comedy Series, recognizing his work on 30 Rock's third season.
  6. That year he also independently released his debut mixtape, Poindexter
    The first preview of his now iconic style, a very poppy R&B intercut with his incredible style of cutting rap. He raps under the name Childish Gambino:
  7. OH, and in September 2009, he debuted as one half of Troy and Abed in NBC's incredible sitcom, Community.
    Showcasing his acting ability, hilarious on screen presence, and causing us all to fall in love with him.
  8. In 2010 He continued to completely slay as Troy and released his second mixtape, Culdesac, all on his own:
    He talked about how this album, he rapped about things that are much deeper than his first stuff. He didn't want to hide behind a "brand" of gimmicks and comedy and this album deals with family, romance, addiction, and more:
  9. He also began producing electronic music and DJing under the moniker mcDJ
  10. As his popularity grew there was a huge movement to cast him as Spider-Man in the new reboots.
    Stan Lee was on board, but Sony never even gave him an audition and the role went to Andrew Garfield instead.
  11. He also released his first stand-up comedy on Comedy Central and it's hilarious.
    It's on Netflix. Get on it.
  12. While still producing music, doing stand-up, and starring in Community he was signed to Glassnote Records and released Camp.
    The first song "Outside" is such a thought-provoking and intense song about life when you leave inner city, and the struggle of black men, addressed in a way that I think we can all learn from. Also, he's seriously an incredible fucking rapper.
  13. That album launched Childish Gambino as force to be reckoned with and he began touring a lot.
  14. His musical style has changed and evolved, the man can do it all.
    He can rap, he can make pop music, he can do R&B. He's known for making his performances dynamic and exciting, pouring his heart into it and making every show a different experience.
  15. Listen to him cover Tamia's iconic slow jam "So Into You"
    He hits these high nots like crazy and there's so much passion behind his performance:
  16. His music became popular with the masses with his second full length album in 2013: Because, The Internet
    "3005" ( was a huge hit, and demonstrated more of his range. But songs like "Sweatpants" still feature his amazing rapping and showcase how fucking clever this man is, attaching a lyric version so you can read along with his humor (
  17. He got a got a little more experimentally poppy with his 2014 EP Kauai, you've probably heard the track "Sober" from that project.
  18. This year, he began writing, producing, and starring in the FX show Atlanta
    It's so good, a comedy-drama about cousins in the Atlanta Rap industry. It's been widely critically acclaimed and already picked up for a second season. I think it's gonna be huge so jump on the wagon now!
  19. and this is the first single off his forthcoming new album:
    And it sounds like Helter Skelter, 70's Rock n Roll with modern electronic elements. It's haunting and interesting and artistic and complicated. I cannot wait for this whole album to come out. Is there anything this man CAN'T do:
  20. Oh, and it was just announced he'll be playing Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Star Wars Story.
  21. His career is going to be a fun one to watch, guys.
  22. I think we can all agree, we need more of this Donald in the world, less of that other one.