When we recognize problems, we can be a part of the solution. Eliminating this seemingly harmless phrase will work wonders for movements of equality.
  1. A few years back there was a hashtag trending on Twitter called #YesAllWomen
  2. and it was full of some awesome points in response to a common term used by people who seem to not "get" what feminism is.
  3. and this term applies not just to the gender equality movement, but across all movements for equality and human rights
  4. and that term is "But not all"
    As in: "But not all men catcall women" or "not all men make more money than women" or "not all men are misogynistic pigs" and so on.
  5. And the point was that while no, not all men say/think/do those (and countless other) things that set gender equality back, yes all women experience those things.
  6. That you may not even realize it, and you may not be a part of the problem, but that if you talk to the women in your life you'll learn that yes, all women are victims of these societal problems
  7. and I've been hearing this term a lot lately, but not just in response to feminism/gender equality movements.
  8. but also in discussions surrounding police slayings of innocent black men and women.
  9. and in discussions about the relationship between the Church and LGBTQ people.
  10. We say "But not all" without recognizing the actual problems.
    "But not all cops are racist, 99% of the time cops are doing their job right" or "but not all Christians are anti-LGBTQ"
  11. and we use this term to bury our head in the sand and pretend like these problems aren't real.
    we become willfully ignorant of social problems. we choose to ignore racism, sexism, chauvinism, brutality, and intolerance because "but not all...."
  12. and we need to start talking about this
  13. because yes, all women
    all women have experienced sexism, all women have been cat-called, all women have experienced the sexualizing of their bodies, all women have to fight against inequality.
  14. because yes, all people of color
    all people color have experienced police and other figures of authority singling them out for the color of their skin, all people of color have experienced racism, all people of color have had to live in fear that the flashing lights behind them at traffic stop may end with their body in a casket
  15. because yes, all LGBTQ people
    yes, all LGBTQ people have experienced bullying, Yes, all LGBTQ people have felt unwelcome in a place that should love and accept them no matter what, Yes, all LGBTQ people have reason to fear that they will be discriminated against for who they love.
  16. Let's get rid of this term. it has no place in our current discussions.
    Because no, not all men/women/cops/Christians/people are bigoted/intolerant/evil/bullies. But yes, all members of these oppressed groups will experience these wrongs.
  17. Stop ignoring social problems
  18. You may not be part of the problem, but you can be part of the solution.