four years.... four. years.
  1. People at the drive-thru who order from the passenger seat
    do you understand how sound works? Most of your voice is staying inside of the car while your boyfriend or parent or whoever just sits there looking at the menu like an idiot/cringing at your shouts instead of ordering for their damn self like a normal human being. and then when I ask you to speak up, you don't? like I still can't hear you?
  2. People who don't know what they want and try to "shop" from the order box
    "you... you mean... you want me to describe our retail mugs/travelers?"
  3. "Can I get this on three separate orders?"
    "Sure, order once and then get in the back of the line... and then do it again"
  4. People who add items at the window
    do you not see the five cars in line behind you!?
  5. "I wanted that iced"
  6. People who just say buzzwords
    "yeah can I get a-uh iced mochachino espresso frappuccino latte affogato?" no. no you cannot. because that's not a thing.
  7. People who show up ten minutes before we close
    just. rude.
  8. People who wait to pull out their purse/wallet/money until they're at the window
    we gave you the total at the order box. and even if we didn't, you do know you'll have to give us some amount of money once you get here, right?
  9. People who just start ordering after I've said "I'll be with you in just a moment"
    nobody is listening to you. you will have to repeat the order anyway, so just wait.
  10. The "my-phone-call-is-more-important-than-interacting-with-you-with-respect-like-a-human-but-not-more-important-than-my-need-for-a-nonfat-no-foam-latte" customer.
    thanks for the suggestion, @rikkipalm
  11. and just to reinforce this point