thanks, @BWN_7!
  1. College
    dropped out middle of my junior year cause it was too expensive. I meant to save money for a semester and figure out more financial aid but then I was unemployed for six months and now it's been almost four years and I still miss it/think about it every day
  2. Every list in my drafts
    even the ones that are ancient. like, lists everyone was making and I thought "oh I'll jump in on this when I get off work"
  3. The fantasy novel I started
    I think I wrote twenty pages in my first session, I went back and reread a week later and actually was really digging it (usually self-doubt and loathe my own writing like crazy)
  4. All other writing projects
    a screenplay @FreeDomBennett and I started, a novel about millennials, a novel about depression, a book about my grandma (she rocks)
  5. Every six pack of beer I buy
    "I'll have just two" *opens a third* "well I guess I'm drinking all six then!
  6. My fitness goals
  7. That list request from @erikaaa a few weeks back
    sorry girl, I'm working on it! World domination isn't an easy thing to plan!