1. Bernhoft - May 15
    It'll be my first time seeing this incredible musician, and at a venue I've been to before and love: Schuba's Tavern. He's supposed to be great live, with lots of looping and effects!
  2. Transferring to a new Starbucks - May 16th
    I've been at my current store for three years, and while I'm looking for other opportunities, the change of scenery is going to be so nice. I definitely have been a little checked out lately and it'll be good to reset. There's also more opportunity to move up to management at this store, not something I'm totally sure I want but it is a great opportunity so I'm gonna give it my all while I'm here.
  3. Cubs vs. Brewers bus trip - May 18th
    My roommates and I are headed to another Cubs game, this time on a bus trip to Milwaukee with one of our regular bars. Lots of fun people, lots of drinking, Americas favorite pastime, and my Chicago Cubbies. Miller Park doesn't have the authenticity of Wrigley, but it's modern and a fun ballpark to see the Cubs play in
  4. College Friend's Wedding/Reunion - May 28th
    It might be cheesy to say, but my freshman year dorm was like the setting of a sitcom. We were such a random group thrown together but it worked so well. Kristin is getting married and a huge number of us will be there, it's gonna be so fun! I haven't seen most of these friends in four years, since I had to unexpectedly drop out mid-Junior Year. I'm SO freaking excited.
  5. The Tallest Man On Earth - May 31st
    I freaking love this musician, and I haven't seen him live before! The venue isn't the best but I'm excited to see someone I've heard is a fantastic performer.