Dad invited my brothers-in-law and I to a "Men's Night" at his new church, luring us with the promise of Steak. I've went once and it was more than enough but I thought I'd indulge in the free steak. Not realizing there would be a sermon. I fucked up. My parent are great and intelligent people, I don't know why they're going to this new church.
  1. "There's this new thing the devil is doing, have you heard of this new evil? It's called feminism."
  2. He equated men wearing skinny jeans to Adam's passivity when Eve ate the fruit.
  3. "Women were meant to be beautiful FOR men"
  4. "Women are designed to be dainty"
  5. "Women were supposed to all be sexy" and basically said it's Eve's fault that ugly women exist.
  6. Insinuated that women can't understand the Bible without their husband or father explaining it.
  7. "We need men to rise up and be leaders, to fight back against this idea that women should be equals"
  8. And a million other things that had me like: