1. 5.
    Gilmore Girls
    Mostly through perfectly placed guitar and "La la la's" this song fills the few moments not taken up by witty dialogue with beautiful, simple, folky original music.
  2. 4.
    Friday Night Lights
    okay I'll be honest.... I haven't watched this show. BUT I have roommates who are diehard fans and at least twice a week I'll play a song or artist I completely love and one of them will say "Oh this was on Friday Night Lights!" so I know the soundtrack is amazing (or at least similar to my taste)
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    They changed the theme song from a classic (Bob Dylan's "Forever Young") to an original song written for the show which was pretty lame, but other than that Parenthood makes amazing use of music, even bringing guest stars like Glen Hansard on to perform on the show. There were so many moments of "Oh man I LOVE this song" and many more "who IS this?" moments. Some of the best under the radar music is the 2000's and 2010's can be found in Parenthood
  4. 2.
    The actress that played Jordan also selected the music for this show. There's a lot of fun examples but even more than that there are so many phenomenal moments when this sitcom gets seriously real and they picked beautiful beautiful songs to make those moments truly special. From Joshua Radin's "Winter" at Ben's funeral, to "How To Save A Life" when Dr. Cox breaks down, "Fix You" when Mrs. Wilk is leaving, and "Book of Love" during the finale, the music in this show will tear at your heart.
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    Never have I stopped a show so many times to go back and Shazam a song, the great taste of Chuck's music supervisors is evident from the opening notes of its theme song, Cake's "Short Skirt, Long Jacket". Chuck introduced me to so many phenomenal bands, including one of my all time favorites, The National. I have a Spotify playlist just of Chuck songs here: