Basic rules: never on shuffle, never Pandora/Spotify's radio function, almost never playlists, always full albums: front to back. Preferably alone where applicable.
  1. Earbuds
    Usually while I''m doing some task, running or mowing the lawn or something. They always fall out and always at the best part so that's annoying. Plus I'm self-conscious about singing along cause I'm not sure who can hear me. Maybe if I had a good pair of headphones I'd be more into this but I just don't like it.
  2. Around the House/At Work
    While cleaning or when people are over, great volume, good for upbeat tunes that you wanna be moving around to, whether that's dancing or cleaning/working. Not great for thinking about the music
  3. Aux Chord in the Car
    Always full volume, no matter what I'm listening to. Great for very passionate listening (though sometimes a little too dangerous to get as passionate as music makes me get. closing my eyes while openly weeping or primally dancing in combination with hurtling forward at 70 mph in a several thousand pound metal object is not a good idea) I don't often listen to new music in the car, this is a space for something I love and want to blast.
  4. Live
    I would place it higher but it can be very hit or miss, some artists/venues/fans/crowds suck, and dampen the experience of hearing music live. But when you get a good show, it's truly magical. See my list about live music here: WHAT I LOVE ABOUT *LIVE* MUSIC
  5. Bluetooth Speaker, While I'm in the Shower
    Provides the opportunity to be as passionate as possible without interruption/distraction. I rock out, I belt along, I dance, I cry. As hot water cascades around I feel I'm most able to appreciate an album. Yesterday I set Alabama Shakes two albums on and just rocked the F out to them while I showered. It's fun, it's loud, it's like a solitary concert.
  6. Record Player, Lying on the Floor in my Room
    Eyes closed, volume high but not ear-drum piercing. For me it's the greatest way to connect with the artist. To have no distractions while you simply listen. So often I feel like music is the background of our lives. It's on while we work or hang out. But to make listening to music the actual sole activity we do can be something powerful. I could spend a lifetime on my bedroom floor listening to music and be content. This is how to truly experience music as an art.