inspired by everyone's beautiful lists tonight with my own take because I saw an old favorite in Chicago this evening and it was perfect.
  1. That even though that artist or band is playing the same set every night
  2. it'll never be the same two nights in a row
  3. it'll never be the same crowd
  4. with the same energy
  5. or the same feelings toward this music
  6. and that's powerful
  7. when an artist is able to create that beautiful but totally individual moment night after night
  8. and nobody will ever experience what you are experiencing in that moment
  9. and that is what music should do
  10. give you purpose
  11. give you hope
  12. give you life.
  13. That it's a completely different way to experience music
  14. to soak in the artist's passion in a way that listening to the album can't
    (depending on the performer I suppose, some people totally do suck live)
  15. to watch them get totally vulnerable in front of a room full of strangers
  16. to hear their stories and heart behind their music
  17. and to hear the music the way they meant for you to hear it
  18. to have it envelop and surround you, cascading through every corner of the room
  19. it's something you can't experience at home. and it is haunting and beautiful and powerful
  20. That it's one of the best ways to support the music you love
  21. buying an album or listening on Spotify is nothing compared to showing up and belting your support alongside ten, a hundred, or five thousand fellow fans.
  22. and seeing them before or after
  23. and being able to express what their music means to them
  24. I love music, but there's something truly special about live music. be it a single musician under a tiny spotlight in a grimy bar, or a concert hall full of fans.