1. Kevin, First-Year, Junior Year (before I dropped out)
    Kevin is the top of his class at a top-20 law school. He's in his second year, just finished a summer fellowship in the Department of Defense, and will find out very soon if he's accepted into the JAG Corps (Think Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men). He's lost probably 60 pounds since that picture. We often smoked tobacco pipes together, and became very close over those long talks. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as Attorney General or a Supreme Court Justice someday.
  2. Kevin and I earlier this summer at a girl from our dorm's wedding!
  3. Ethan, Across the hall our First Year, Junior Year (before I dropped out)
    On the far right in this photo from that wedding, I couldn't find a picture of Ethan and I from Drake! He's such a cool dude, he's moving next month to Eugene, Oregon to start his web development company for small businesses, and to try and make things work with Lillie (in the center of this picture). They dated all of college and then moved different ways after graduation. Now they want to make things work and I think that's beautiful.
  4. Nick, First-Year
    Nick is very quickly moving up the ranks of a top Fortune 500 company. He lives in New York City, but will be spending the next three months in Mumbai, where his company's charity arm is sending him to work with neighborhoods where kids often don't live to five years old.
  5. Yusuf, Sophomore Year
    I couldn't find a picture with Yusuf, but he is completing his Actuary exams while currently working as a financial analyst. Once he's done with his actuary exams he'll likely start making well over six figures, cause he's a complete genius.
  6. Don't drop out, kids.