Or, the texts and emails I've gotten in the last week, in order received.
  1. Texts of condolences after my Great-Grandma passed away.
  2. Text from a girl who would constantly cancel on me then try to reschedule and then stood me up - "I miss you"
  3. Text from a different girl who also stood me up - "How have you been?"
  4. Text from Aunt of schedule for funeral services - Informed me I speak Monday.
  5. Email from other Aunt, late Friday - informing me I was to speak Sunday, not Monday.
  6. Text from roommate I'm in a bit of a tiff with but who should know I've got a lot on my plate this week - "you know we need to talk and I think you're avoiding me, please make us talking Sunday night a priority"
    I had already told him Buna's funeral visitation was Sunday...
  7. Email to my brother - draft of my remarks for eulogy.
  8. Email from the only girl I've ever been in love with/who broke my heart, whom I haven't talked to since last June - Subject line "One Year Later"
  9. Email to myself - text of my eulogy so I can read off my sisters iPad instead of printing.
  10. Email from the blood donation center that I'm a match for someone that needs a bone marrow transplant.
  11. Email from bone marrow donation Doctor - informing me it's horribly painful.
  12. Email Reminder: Your fantasy football draft begins in a couple of hours.
    Due to all that's going on I had zero prep time, I think I did okay.
  13. Me every time my phone buzzes:
  14. Me: come Labor Day Weekend