inspired by @ana throwing mad shade at my house.
  1. They win the House Cup, all the time.
    in Sorcerer's Stone, it's mentioned that Slytherin won the last six years before Harry arrives, and were it not for the last minute points, would have won that year as well. oh and if Pottermore is your thing, let me point out that Slytherin won the most Pottermore House Cups
  2. The main characteristic of Slytherin House is ambition, which is a huge predictor of future success
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    Yeah, a lot of us may come from wealthy pureblood families but is our ambition, not our family money/influence, that makes us succeed. We're Michael Bluth (look at that Slytherin colored tie), letting our ambition and family loyalty (but not handouts) rule the day, not Buster (a clear Hufflepuff) or G.O.B. (a gallant but stupid Gryffindor in the tradition of the Weasley Twins)
  3. The two most powerful wizards in history were in Slytherin
    The highest honor a wizard can receive is "Order of Merlin, First Class". Any guess which house Merlin was sorted into during his time at Hogwarts? That's right, Slytherin. Tom Riddle left Slytherin and became the most powerful wizard of all time. Oh, and didn't the Sorting Hat originally want to add another powerful wizard (one Harry Potter) into Slytherin, till Harry let peer pressure get the best of him?
  4. Style
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    That silver and green though. Have you SEEN the Malfoy family??
  5. Cleverness
    and cleverness without showing off, there's no Hermione Granger's flaunting their know-it-all-ness or Ravenclaws using big words here, just critical thinking, cleverness, and ambition. Maybe that's why we win the House Cup so much?
  6. Salazar Slytherin was a badass
    like he somehow managed to hide a GIANT EFFING SNAKE in the school without the others noticing.
  7. Slytherins exemplify one of the stories key elements
    I think without a doubt, the idea of Redemption is huge in the Harry Potter series, and who exemplifies that better than Severus Snape, or Horace Slughorn??
  8. Being a Slytherin = mad connections
    you know how in the muggle world, alumni connections are huge part of college?? I bet that's true in the Wizarding World as well, and Slytherin breeds rich and powerful wizards. hella internships.