Best Characters From Robin Hood (1973) Imo

Robin Hood > all Disney movies.
  1. Sir Hissssssss
    Sir hiss is a slithery snake and oh so charming and he's the best.
  2. King Richard
    King Richard. The thumb sucking lion who's crown didn't fit his head. So susceptible and I love how he pronounces his "rrrr's"
  3. King Richard again (look at this pic)
  4. Friar Tuck
    A sweet badger with a heart of gold. Always keeps it 💯. He went off on the sheriff!! "N-N-n-O-W WAIT JUST A MINUTE! THATS THE POOR BOX!" "GET OUT OF MY CHURCH!"
  5. The Rooster!
    That song! Haven't heart it since I was 7, but never forgot how to whistle it, either!
    Suggested by   @evan