Awesome. Just awesome.
  1. Alana's Coffee Roasting Co.
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    The dude who works here is hilarious. He says "irie" in response to everything I say. He's so stoned and if you talk for more than 30 seconds your trapped in a coffee conversation for 10 minutes. He makes this insanely good concentrated coffee in a mason jar, you just dilute it with water each time so it lasts a good while. Best 10 bucks spent. "Irie man, irie"
  2. Alibaba California
    Two Tunisian dudes make the best pitas EVER and the best pita chips. They're hummus is 🔥🔥🔥 also. Gluten free option also. They kinda remind me of the Palestinian/Israelis in the Zohan movie.
  3. Bernard Ranches
    This like cholo dude has the best organic fruits here. All of them are so freakin good it tastes how fruit actually should. No wonder why Adam took that apple it was completely organic! "Ayyyy man, get some tangerineZZzz, they're really good tangerinezzzzzz"
  4. ZoZo's fresh juice
    This place is cool. The ginger shots are very strong. They taste so terrible but i guess it's good for you.