Just a few I'll keep adding to this list though.
  1. Dave Attell
    He's literally the definition of a joke-slinger. He's got the perfect wit and super sharp comedy skills. He does the road a lot and it's the kind of gritty style he has about him that I love.
  2. Bill Burr
    He's got such a strong point of view and that's the thing I love the most about him. His stand up is on another level. He's got no filter and I love it. Also his 10 minute rant in Philadelphia is the funniest and ballsiest thing a comics ever done. I thoroughly enjoy listening to his Monday morning podcast his anger and frustration cracks me up and I relate to it.
  3. Chris Rock
    Funniest comedian ever. Nuff said.
  4. Patrice O'Neal
    Rawest dude in comedy. always was himself and honest and formed a strong voice in having that mindset. Mr. P is the funniest album ever I listen to it when I drive, or workout even.
  5. Jim Carrey
    He's the only guy who made me laugh so hard it hurt and I would piss myself. He's literally a human cartoon. No one ever be on his level. His stand up was good too, but the comedic roles he played are incredible. In living color is some of his best work. Fire marshal bill is INSANE!
  6. Dave Chappelle
    Funniest human being on the planet. First stand up I ever watched on TV was the comedy half hour on HBO and @sophia was playing it late night on a Saturday and I was a kid in the room with her and I remember being in awe. Sophia was laughing a lot also. This was wayyy back.