1. One day, my boyfriend, (@andalsothomas) said, "You should listen to a podcast called This American Life."
    Me: "I have a hard time following things like that." Therefore, I will not like it and will not try it. Hmph!
  2. Boyfriend: "This is that podcast I told you about."
    Me: "Mhm."
  3. Boyfriend: "Adnan! Serial! Mail Chimp!"
  4. Other people: SERIAL! SERIAL! Have you heard about Serial?!
    Hm. No.
  5. Boyfriend: I'm gonna play the season finale of Serial.
  6. (Me: I don't know anything about this show but it sounds somewhat interesting but I won't admit it)
  7. Shoot. My commute to my new job is 45 minutes. What am I gonna do?
  8. Audible free trial?
  9. Listen to @mindy's audio book.
  10. Only one free book. 🙁 That lasted like 2 days.
  11. Download podcast app I guess?
  12. TED Radio Hour? Hmm. I like TED talks.
  13. Wow. This is so interesting. I'm going to listen 1 more.
  14. *listen to all @TEDRadioHour podcast episodes in 2 months*
  15. Only talk to friends about TED.
  16. Only talk to boyfriend about TED.
  17. Text boyfriend every Friday morning about new TED.
  18. Start calling Friday "TED Fridays".
  19. ❤️👂🏼❤️
  20. *The podcast I'm obsessed with right now: STARTUP season 1*