1. Provided medical care to over 2700 impoverished Vietnamese men, women, and children
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    This is the reason I went to Vietnam, and the reason I want to practice medicine someday. I applied to PVNF expecting to feel some sort of fulfillment or satisfaction after working in the clinic. Instead, I feel as if there's so much more to be done and can't wait to get started.
  2. Sat in tiny plastic chairs everywhere I went
    Alice in Wonderland as fuck
  3. Ate yellow curry made by the infamous Lunch Lady
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    Easily one of my favorite meals in Saigon, complete with congealed blood 😻 Thanks @Bourdain
  4. Learned how to do a Pap smear
    And observed LEEP procedures!! And did pediatric exams!! And did vitals for hours on end!! And took glucose tests!! (Diets high in rice result in type II diabetes more often than you'd think)
  5. Learned how to pronounce "cám ơn"
  6. Accidentally told a woman I was 5 years old
  7. Gave endless piggyback rides to orphaned children at a Buddhist temple in the shadow of the Bitexco tower
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    They just wanted to be held 😰
  8. Ate a banh mi every damn day of clinic
    ...which apparently is a weird thing to do, according to a local girl
  9. Became a millionaire
    I held in my hand one million dong ( ~ $50)
  10. Almost died every time I crossed the street
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    Google any video of someone crossing the street in Vietnam. Shit's horrifying.
  11. Almost died of MERS
    Clinic had a MERS scare so we wore face masks one day (which wouldn't have effectively prevented any infection at all).
  12. Became very fond of Tiger beer
    VN equivalent of cheap shitty beer
  13. Was sweaty all the time always
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  14. Fell in love with a country I never knew I'd ever visit
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    Please can I go back soon??