Things that I used to love in my early 20s. Little did I know that aging really does change me. I never would have thought that I'll be done with them. But I'm just not attracted to them anymore. Still in kinda disbelief but here's my list.
  1. Getting drunk by tequila shots.
    What happened? I used to really looking forward to Saturday night
  2. Dirty dancing the night away in the ghetto-est hip hop clubs in Tokyo.
    Black dudes and Brazilian dudes. Few girls. Dirty music, dirty dancing.
  3. Obsessed with tattoo.
    Idea of what I might will get for next tattoo was haunting me all the time.
  4. Getting laid with next hot man.
    One night stand or sex friend, doesn't really matter the label. With the next hot dude in a club. I wasn't looking for strings attached thing in my party girl routine.
  5. "Girl power!" Americanized girl.
    I was me me me. Getting ahead of others. There was no harmony.
  6. Date exclusively bad boys/ alpha males
    Somehow bad was translated into irresistibly attractive in my brain. Now I know, bad simply means bad. LOL