I used to hate Japan for a very long time. Now that I'm grown up I'm able to realize and see great things that this country has to offer. Now I say I love Japan and am proud and happy to be born here. So here's the list (and this is based on Tokyo area).
  1. Delicious food
    I have lived in US and traveled many countries. This being said I have to say that the level of Japanese food from fine cuisine to local food stand... is above average at literally everywhere. I used to rant that Japanese is too salty. But I haven't seen anything which makes me go "I just can't eat this anymore" after the first bite.
  2. High-tech toilet everywhere
    Super clean. Warm seats. All these washing functions. Complete privacy. I haven't seen any of it outside Japan, even in metropolitan area of developed countries.
  3. Basic courtesy
    In general people possess a basic level of courtesy. Compassion, kindness... You name it. Only a few would have "me-me-me" or "my way or high way" attitude in public.
  4. 4 distinct seasons
    Different scenery and traditions that each season has to offer are beautiful, breath-taking and authentic.
  5. The combination of modern and tradition, in high quality way
    I think that Tokyo go extreme for both end. As the result, we have them in high quality.
  6. It's just safe!!
    I went to the State University in US. I have never gone to a "ghetto area" or anything, just having my normal life, yet I felt like the criminal was so close. So as other countries. I always had to watch out for myself consciously. In Japan, this mentality never occurred to me even being in the street at 3 in the morning. In the train station my pass has dropped out of my pocket a few time, but lost and found had it every time.