Now that I'm grown up, being in been there done that phase, my perception has changed a lot. Here's the list of what consists me now
  1. Courtesy
    Grace, elegance, class... You name it. Both in my attitude and words.
  2. Quality
    In everything. Food, clothes, relationship, work... I just don't do thing under the name of "cuz it's cool" anymore.
  3. Compassion/Respect for others
    Being brainwashed by "positive thinking" and "success", I've never looked around for other people's feeling. Now I'm fully aware of it... Or I became sensitive to it.
  4. Calmness
    Being in a peaceful place both in emotionally and physically.
  5. Intelligence
    Little did I know how much education means in this world. I must say that educated people are simply better. Smart with good personality. University level Education is crucial. I realized high school graduates generally poses different mentality, especially when shit hit the fan.
  6. Smile
    I used be grumpy. Never underestimate the power of smile. It's the skill and it's free!!!
  7. Average income
    Well above average is the better. Life with little money is such an unhappy one. Money will buy you freedom and the piece of mind.
  8. Being comfortable under my skin
    This might be the biggest pay off of being an adult. With many experiences and insight gained, I'm finally and actually okay with being who I am. The phase of being insecure for no reason is over. I thought this day would never come but I love myself, there I said it! Thank god for that. I used to hate it but I love being Japanese woman and I love Japan!!