Here are some random facts about me, me, and only me! My favorite subject! (Not really though)
  1. My birth mark (or what I call my birth mark) is in the form of a mole on the inner crease of my left thumb.
    I've had it since birth, but it doesn't resemble the typical "birth mark"
  2. I've owned and cared for over 100 hamsters at once.
    When I was six, my parents bought me two hamsters. Two "female" hamsters that quickly mated. Then those mated. And those, and so on. We had em blind, with three legs, of all sorts. We had to separate the fathers or they would eat the babies to shreds. I'm so grateful my parents have too big of animal hearts and took care of and found homes for every last one 💞
  3. I was born with pectus excavatum.
    Which means, there's a dip in my sternum right in between my lungs in my chest. It's not as pronounced as in that photo, and titties definitely help cover it and make it loads less noticeable, but it does affect how deep of a breath I can take. It's much less common in women, and is also less pronounced and often left alone. I could get surgery, but I like my dip! It gives me really nice natural cleavage 👌🏾
  4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
    It's not that hard, if you practice a couple times you'll get it too. Or, you can come back to me empty handed and tell me how amazing I am :D
  5. I'm the only member of my family that's left-handed.
    I've been drawn to lefties all my life (my husband and 10 of our friends are also lefties) yet I'm the only one in my family. Apparently my great-grandmother was, and they slapped her hands with rulers in Catholic school. I also got a $700 scholarship for being left handed and wrote a page-long essay on how lead on my hand and right-handed desks and scissors merited extra money.
  6. I've been attempted to be kidnapped three separate times.
    Okay, maybe two-and-a-half. The first is the half, I was six, in my backyard. This was right after the Jon Benet incident, and I was exactly her age, so as you can imagine, my parents had warned me of the dangers of being kidnapped. My mom and friend were inside getting lemonade, and this guy peeks his head over our backyard fence. He tries to talk to me, then begins to seemingly climb the fence. I ran towards our door screaming "MAMA SOME STRANGE MAN IS TRYING TO KIDNAP ME!!"
  7. Kidnapping Incident #2
    I was in eighth grade, and got out of class earlier than everyone else, since I was a TA for our science teacher and finished up fast. I was waiting outside for my mom to pick me up, when this older guy in a low rider swoops by, saying "hey your mama told me to pick you up, she had an emergency." My mom is a smart lady, and created a code for me to ask anyone that could possibly be picking me up (pre cell phone). "Where is my birth mark?" He drove off quick.
  8. Kidnapping Incident #3
    I was in the outside area of this venue they threw raves at back in the day (8 years ago) hanging out, minding my own business, when this guy high on E comes up to me to chat and be flirty. I appease him as far as small talk, then made it clear I wasn't interested. He approaches me two times after. I brush off and ignore. On the third, he picks me up by my calves, digging his fingers into my skin hard enough to leave blue bruises, and books it. I managed my way out three blocks down. AMA.
  9. I can wiggle my ears!
    I love how I type in wiggle my ears and this picture of a Furby comes up.
  10. It conveniently leads me to my next point, I found out Santa Clause wasn't real through Furby's.
    So when I was 8, Furby's came out right before Christmas and everyone had to have one. Sold out of stores everywhere. My best friend's dad was able to score some off eBay (which was only a year old at the time) and sold one to my mom. I got my Furby on Christmas from "Santa", and was happy to play alongside my friend and hers. She told me later that her dad helped my mom get the Furby, and I realized my mother HAD BEEN LYING TO ME THIS WHOLE TIME!
  11. I'm double-jointed on my pinky and ring fingers, only on my right hand.
  12. I've never broken or sprained a bone, and I've never had the chicken pox or poison oak.
    I'm just not allergic to poison oak, and I never got exposed to chicken pox, and was given other vaccine for it a few years back.
  13. My literal greatest fear is Thousand Island dressing.
    Ketchup and mayonnaise are two of the doggone most disgusting things I've come in contact with, and the fact they're COMBINED to put over perfectly good vegetables is mind-blowing in a ghastly way for me. (Actual photo taken from my phone. Is this cake actually Canadian in any way? If so, you Canadian's are filthy! Can anyone divulge upon this recipe and cake?!)
  14. I'm naturally blonde, and have green eyes, which each individually represent 2% of the population.
    WE ARE THE 2%!
  15. I have a scar right above a mole on my left forearm that looks like I cut myself.
    I didn't. And I never have. I got the scar from my childhood best friend Manasa who dug her nail deep into my arm. I forgot what I did, I remember being in the backseat of my mom's or her dad's car, with our other friend Chloe.
  16. Quick! Here are five songs I can recite for you, word for word:
    Weezer - El Scorcho Journey - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. Destiny's Child - Apple Pie a la Mode Snoop Dogg/Tha Dogg Pound - Ain't No Fun Jeremy Irons/Scar - Be Prepared (Bonus: any and every song from Mulan)
  17. I owned three baby chicks 🐥 that were each colored green 💚 and pink 💓 and purple 💜.
    I went to Bali when I was 13 with my mom and aunt and uncle (my aunt is from Indonesia and was pregnant at the time with my now-eleven-year-old cousin) and a few days in, a cart of colored chicks rode by us on the street. They were selling them 3 for basically a dollar, and we bought one of each color. Hopefully I can find this picture I have of me in corn rows with the chicks next time I go by my mom's.
  18. I have an incredibly good memory, especially for dates and categorizations (like capitals to countries).
    I had a list somewhere of very specific dates I remember, like "being at Henry Cowell's on acid talking to the cops calming the situation and re-parking this guy's manual Ford F-150 because he just got his license taken from him and Thea stupidly volunteered me as someone who can drive stick; nailed it." -07/12/2010
  19. My great-grandmother built the house I grew up in, and my grandmother, both parents, and both uncles all went to the same high school I did. Which makes me a 3rd (or almost 4th?) generation Santa Cruzan.
    I love my hometown, I really do. I've had my ups and downs with it, and I've even lived away. But this will always be my true home. It's where my family is, it's my childhood, it's my comfort and zone. It's pouring rain here right now, and I couldn't be happier 🌂
  20. I've done bath salts.
    So this was long before any faces were eaten off, long before the name bath salts even came to fruition. It sucks and it's honestly terrifying just how horrible and empty and low and incognizant you feel during the two-day-long comedown, and that's coming from a strong-minded person who's never lost their shit on drugs. Luckily, I've done loads and heaps and pounds of many different substances, so I knew in the end, I would be okay. -10/10 Would Not Recommend
  21. My dream job would to be the host of a daytime talk TV show that's all about sex and has no censorship.
    Have you ever heard sexpert Emily Morse's podcast Sex With Emily? It's awesome, she goes over everything and gives great advice and suggestions and has great guests and usually stir up lovely & healthy rapport about sex, generally and specifically. I would love to have her job, but take it a step further. Normalize sex, make it perfectly acceptable to talk about on daytime TV. That, or a writer/editor for comedy sketch show.
  22. I know the TV show Friends better than the back of my hand.
    I've been watching Friends since I was old enough to understand it. I cried when it ended when I was 13, and luckily, in Bali (mentioned above) I purchased all 10 bootleg seasons! My friend bought me Friends: Scene It! as a gift and thought I had played before because I knew all the answers. I'm that creep that has someone explain an episode, and goes "oh shit TOW The Embryos, such a classic!" This gif leads me to my next point:
  23. I've never smoked a cigarette.
    Now, let's clear something up. I've smoked tobacco. I've smoked spliffs, hookah, and even a bloop (if you don't know, don't ask; you don't want to know). I have never, however, smoked a filtered cigarette or tobacco by itself. Sure, I've done bath salts (*ahem* among other things), but I've never smoked a cigarette. Never have, never will. 👍🏻I think they're disgusting, a "horrid habit" (in the words of Annie from The Parent Trap).
  24. If I had to pick a person as my spirit animal, it would surely be Jenna Marbles.
    Not only is she also a Virgo, blonde, has Wicker Park as one of her favorite movies, watched Utopia, is an avid Survivor fan, and loves animals (all just like me!), she's fantastically adorable and kind-hearted, always means well and plays fair, and is just her silly bad self, and that's why I love her and think she's my person-spirit-animal twin 💞♊️👯
  25. I've never seen many highly-acclaimed movies, including but not limited to: Inception, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Godfather, The Departed, The Dark Knight, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, It's A Wonderful Life, Die Hard, Gladiator, Up, etc.
    Yo on a real note though, I think it's time I watch Shawshank. Like, tonight or never. I know it's right up my alley and I'm gonna love it. I don't know why I never think of it when I'm trying to find a movie. Ha, watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, AND HBO not have it. Another My Girl incident. Rex hasn't seen My Girl (I know right?) and they didn't have it on any platforms. Such bullshit. No Amazon, I'm not paying $4 to "rent" it. I can stream that shit fo' free!