As requested by @Charlie_Chester
  1. The best thing about today is a shout out to one of The Greats.
  2. 35 years ago today, in a small town in Louisiana, Britney Jean Spears embarked her start on planet Earth.
  3. And then, 16 years later, she gave her demo of an unused Toni Braxton song to higher ups at record labels. 3 out of 4 rejected her, saying "we'll never have another Madonna or Tiffany."
  4. Luckily the peeps at Jive Records thought differently. They loved how "distinctively Britney" her sound was and flew her off to Sweden to record her debut album.
  5. She trudged through some mall tours and opened for *NSYNC before scoring herself some big deal Hall of Fames.
    Justin's hair here though!
  6. The day Baby... One More Time was released, it reached #1 on the Billboard 100, went double platinum in 2 weeks, and secured her the record of most sales ever for a teenage artist.
  7. And, the rest is history!
  8. You'll always be a #1 Queen to me, Brit.