Literally on the way back from my hospital. Got my tonsils removed. Hurts like shit. AMA.
  1. Did you stock up on ice cream beforehand, or are you going to get someone else to do your bidding?
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  2. @Melodie right now I'm looking forward to my banana berry protein smoothie from Jamba Juice. Ice cream is the name of my game all day every day, currently looking forward to some chocolate peanut butter and root beer floats!
  3. @randi my household always has at least 3 cartons of ice cream on stock at any given point, but I did stock up on fruit pops, more ice cream, and protein shakes!
  4. @Melodie I wish they let me keep them! I asked, they refused. I wanted to bottle them in a small jar of formaldehyde and put them under the seat of my friend's dirty car for her to randomly find and get weirded out.
  5. @Melodie ooooh no, my husband is definitely pampering me. They made it seem pretty serious at the hospital, so my family is doting on me furiously :)
  6. Did you need to do this as a child and regret waiting?
    My ENT doctor said the surgery is worse as an adult than as a child, and I've needed mine removed since 4th grade. I put it off because my deductible is $3400
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  7. @rellimt I've had recurring tonsil stones. I know- I didn't know what they were either. They're vile. They're calcified food or debris that gets stuck in your tonsils. I could feel mind when I would lie down, and you can feel them when you swallow and they smell... absolutely foul.
    Giphy downsized medium
    Mine were never NEARLY that big, this is just terrifying.
  8. @Boogie no, actually. They haven't been a problem until about two or so years ago. My primary care doctor told me "yours are pretty big and porous, girl." She's hilarious, and that's a bummer your insurance won't cover it. I'm on Medical, completely covered!
  9. My son had his out 6 months ago.
    How much would you feel sorry for your child if they had theirs out?
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  10. @Veronique hmm that's difficult to say. From start to finish, the procedure was really simple and smooth sailing. I got in at 11, went under at 12:15, and was on the way home by 1:45. It hurts pretty badly, and it's really difficult to swallow, even ice cream, even water. I'm assuming they didn't give your son codeine syrup, which always
    Takes the edge off 👍🏻 I also hear it's better to get it done younger since your tonsils aren't as far back. But, I'm only 5 hours deep!
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  12. 7 Blessings 😷🙏🙅‍♂️
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  13. @k8mcgarry it's definitely possible. I didn't really realize what they were for a while!
  14. @michael_circa91 arigato gozaimasu! And I know isn't that gif gnarly?? There are even sicker ones on YouTube, there's even this account called The Tonsil Stone Guy or something.
  15. Day 2 is probably worse. The spots they cauterized are starting to flake off (which is supposed to happen) and it tastes like the smell of a manual transmission burning 🤢